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Give any picture its very own picture frame. Using one of the supplied frames you can really make any photo stand out, either in print or on your web site. This one utility will save you hundreds of dollars in Photoshop tools and add-ons to get the same results and the interface is so simple to use! Just select a category and double click on a sample frame corner. It will cover your photo with the selected frame. You can either use these for prints, brochures, your website or anywhere else you can think of.

IE Picture Framer is so easy, we're excited to bring you this product. When you buy IE Picture Framer you will get these 20 frame sets!

And if you need more you can buy our entire collection of frames on CD for only $24.95. The CD has over 400 different frame sets on it!

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IE Picture Framer includes over a dozen different frame sets. You can buy a CD compilation with over 400 different frames for an additional $24.95.