ImageElements Photo Collage

ImageElements Photo Collage

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In this fast paced world we take tons of photographs but rarely do we do anything with them. They sit in a folder on your hard drive and are never really admired. So break out of that rut and start printing your pictures in a fun new way, start making stacked collages! Most pictures contain the subject and then immaterial background objects so instead of cutting them out and putting them on a board just use the whole photograph and create an instant hit! The collage to the side here took minutes to create, now you can do it too. Drag your pictures from your drive and drop them onto the layout and then arrange them however you want them.

You can arrange them however you like. The sides of one picture can hide below another picture so nobody will ever see the pile of laundry in the corner! Put pictures in the gaps bellow and in between other pictures, fill in the whole page! And when you have the pictures where you want add some floating captions or "write" captions directly on the pictures themselves.

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You can print directly from the program or save them for printing later. Even export them to the web so your friends can shuffle through all the pictures, even the ones behind all the other ones! That's right, you can move them around! Using the web browser you can click on the photos in the background and bring them to the top. Click here or check out the samples page to see it in action.

Drag your pictures from your desktop and drop them onto your layout. Move them around to where you want them to be, tilt them, add shadows or other effects and then print and frame!

Create any size or style collage you need. Print, frame and hang in a snap! So grab those pictures gathering virtual dust in those virtual folders and make a real work of art to share with your family and friends!

Since this product is a standalone tool it is not included in the Suite itself and must be purchased separately.