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New Arrival! Ever try to use Paintbrush to add a caption to your picture only to find out you couldn't change it after you put it in? Tired of trying to figure out all the options and where they are for text captions in Photoshop? Well ImageElements Photo Captioner makes it really easy to add captions to any photo. Rotate, use transparency, add shadows and much more. Everything is on one easy to use screen! Don't like the look of the caption? Change the features and hit refresh, it will update your caption's appearance for you. No need to reedit everything any time you want to make a change.

Notice the text behind the parrot? That is object clipping! Your pictures will really grab someones attention with captions like that!

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This solution is a standalone product, you need no other software to use this. It can be purchased on its own, as a standalone product for only $14.99. Click the buy now link in the nav bar above.

If you would like to buy all the image solutions under the ImageElements umbrella you may do so by ordering the entire Suite of products for the low price of $29.99. All the products are integrated into one interface. This allows you to process an image using one of the solutions and then process it again using a different solution. Click here to buy the suite and get all of these great solutions now!